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A bear canister typically weighs between 2-4 lb (1-2 kg), and has a storage capacity of 400 - 900 in3 (6 - 15 liters). The actual capacity in number of days of hiking food stored varies with the appetite of the hiker, the selection of food, and the skill in which it is packed, but a 700 in3 canister likely holds up to a week's worth of food for the average hiker.

Hard-sided bear cans employ such materials as polycarbonate, ABS plastic, carbon fiber, and aluminum in their construction. An effective canister must resist both the tremendous strength and high intelligence of an attacking animal. Most containers are too large for a bear to simply pick up and carry away.

The lid of a canister is usually recessed in order to prevent it being pried off. Some manufacturers, such as Garcia require a tool such as a coin to open the canister whereas other manufacturers' products, such as the BearVault, use locking nubs that allow the user to twist the lid off without tools. 

At least one model of soft-sided "bear bag" is made from Spectra (UHMWPE) fabric. While a soft-sided container may prevent a bear from eating its contents, the food inside is likely to be reduced to purée in the attempt and leak through the Spectra fabric; thus feeding the bear. A newer model comes with an aluminum stiffener that protects the contents more effectively than the bag alone. 

Bear resistant test  for rotomolded bearproof ice chest cooler box.

About the IGBC Bear-Resistant Products Testing Program

IGBC began providing guidance and direction relative to bear-resistant containers in the 1980s with a goal of ensuring effective storage of attractants and minimizing human/grizzly bear conflicts. The testing program is a partnership with the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, which conducts the live testing with grizzly bears in West Yellowstone, Montana, and the Wildlife Management Institute, which provides financial and administrative support. Products must meet specific criteria in order to be certified as bear-resistant by the IGBC. The protocol for testing was developed through a cooperative effort among IGBC, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, the US Forest Service, the Living with Wildlife Foundation, and the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.

     What does IGBC approval of a bear-resistant product mean?

If a product appears on the list of IGBC-approved bear-resistant products, it means that the commercially-available product has met minimum standards related to the effort that must be expended by grizzly bears to access the container’s contents. These standards were established through consultation with North American human-bear conflict experts and bear biologists. Please note that IGBC approval does NOT guarantee that the product is BEAR-PROOF and does not guarantee that the container will never be breached by bears. The intent of this bear-resistant products testing program is to approve products that minimize easy and direct access to attractants by grizzly bears. IGBC approval also does not guarantee that small amounts of the contents of the containers won’t be able to leak or spill out. In conjunction with properly utilizing certified bear-resistant products, the IGBC strongly encourages people living or recreating in grizzly bear habitat to take personal responsibility for maintaining a high level of diligence in their sanitation and attractant storage to further minimize the chance of a human/bear conflict.

     Do all manufactures have an IGBC logo on them to indicate they are certified?

No, not all manufacturers choose to include the IGBC logo on their products. The only way to verify a product is IGBC certified is to match the product number to the IGBC’s certified products list.

      If a product is approved, does it mean that the product can be used on any public lands in the United States?

No. While many public land managers use the list of IGBC-approved products as a means for approving products for use on the lands within their jurisdiction, IGBC approval does not imply that products have automatically been approved for use on all public lands. Manufacturers and consumers should consult with specific land management agencies to confirm whether or not a product complies with local requirements.

     My cooler looks like all the others, why is it not certified?

Some manufactures choose not to pay to have their products certified. While others may have had them tested and they did not pass, and the manufacturer opted not to continue with the certification process. Please contact the manufacturer directly with questions about their individual products and their certification status.

     Why does my certified cooler need to be locked?

All certified coolers have the ability to be locked with a padlock, carabiner or nuts & bolts. An unlocked cooler is not considered bear resistant.

     If my cooler, pannier or storage container is not certified what does that mean?

A non-certified food storage container must be stored in an approved manner. On most public lands this means stored in a locked, hard-sided vehicle, camper, or trailer, hung 10 feet from the ground and 4 feet away from anything climbable, or put inside an approved and working electric fence system. Please check with your local public land agency for specific regulations.


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