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Must-Read:How to brand to my rotomolded cooler?

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Author : Fred Yan
Update time : 2022-08-11 13:02:26

Many customers are interested in branding their rotomolded ice chest cooler box effectively. Let me introduce this process carefully.

You may have come across various coolers on the market, including popular brands like YETI coolers, RTIC coolers, Hooked coolers, Bamkel coolers,coho 55 quart rotomolded cooler and more.

1.Silk Screen Printing
This is the fundamental approach to branding your rotomolded cooler box. If you are interested in our ice box models, we can customize them by printing your logo on our coolers. Typically, we offer single-color printing for hard rotomolded ice coolers. However, for less intricate logos, we can accommodate two or three colors for printing. 
Clike here for more details.

2.Metal Sticker
Metal stickers add a touch of elegance and a premium touch to your rotomolded coolers with wheels, rolling coolers, or hard coolers. Many customers are now opting for these high-quality metal stickers to enhance the aesthetics of their cooler products.
If you want to know more about, please contact us or clike here to view more.

3.PVC Stickers
PVC stickers are ideal for decorating coolers, adding a touch of personal flair and style to your beloved cooler box. These stickers offer a fun and customizable way to make your cooler stand out at any gathering or outdoor adventure. Let your creativity shine with PVC stickers designed to enhance the look of your cooler while adding a personalized touch to your outdoor experiences.

4.Customized EVA pad
We offer the option of EVA pads for your selection, specifically designed for certain rotomolded cooler box lids, including 2.5Gallon water cooler,33QT ice cooler box,45QT cooler box,55QT hard ice cooler. You can personalize these EVA pads with your logo by pasting and printing it on top, adding a customized touch to your cooler.

5.UV Transfer Printing Sticker
This kind sticker can print 4 colors. Please clike here to look.

RTIC coolers also adopt this kind stickers,but it's cost higher,because it's made in USA.You can clike here to have a look.
Our UV sticker please clike here to review.

6.Digital Colorful Printing 
Digital Printing offers the flexibility to print any color on the rugged surface of ice cooler lids or tool box lids. While this method provides extensive customization options, the main drawback is the relatively high cost involved, averaging around USD 2-3 for each hard cooler box.
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7.Embossed Logo
Please Click to view more.
Boright ice cooler boxes feature rotomolded construction, where the inner and outer walls are seamlessly integrated into one piece. The Rotmolding process differs from injection molding which allows for interchangeable logo plates. For embossed logos, a new mold is necessary due to the nature of rotomolding. The cost of rotation molds is relatively affordable, so feel free to reach out to us for inquiries.

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