Must-Read:How to brand to my rotomolded cooler?

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Author : Fred Yang
Update time : 2022-08-11 13:02:26
Many customers want to know how to brand for the rotomolded ice chest cooler box.
Let me introduce carefully here.

Maybe you have seen many coolers on market, such as YETI coolers,RTIC coolers,Hooked coolers,Bamkel coolers and so on.

1.Silk Printing
It's the basic way to branding the rotomolded cooler box, If you like our models ice box, we can print your logo on our cooler.
In general, we can only print one color for your hard rotomolded cooler. But if your logo not complex, 2 colors or 3 colors printing available.

Metal Sticker looks very beautirful and in high gear.Most customers start to use this kind stickers for their rotomolded coolers with wheels,rolling coolers or har d coolers.
If you want to know more about, please contact us or clike here.

3.PVC Stickers
PVC stickers mainly for coolers decoration.

4.Silk print or Laser print on EVA pad and paste on top of lid
We have EVA pad for choice,we designed some rotomolded cooler box lid just for EVA pad, such as 2.5Gallon water cooler,33QT ice cooler box,45QT cooler box,55QT hard ice cooler. You can choose EVA pad to paste and print your logo on top of it.

5.UV Transfer Printing Sticker
This kind sticker can print 4 colors. RTIC coolers also adopt this kind stickers.

6.Digital Printing 
Digital Printing can print any color and can print on rugged surface of ice coolers or tool box.
The only disavantange is cost too high.It costs around USD3-5 of each hard cooler box.

7.Embossed Logo
Because our ice cooler box with rotomolding construction, Inner wall and outer wall is one part shaped. You can see rotomolding process. 
It can't be like injection molding, it can't make one logo plate to change. If you want to embossed logo, it can only make new mold.
Rotation molds cost not high. Please inquiry us.
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