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What is a Rotomolded Cooler?

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Update time : 2022-07-19 15:00:00

There has been a lot of hype in recent years over rotomolded coolers, but what is it that makes these cold storage boxes so special? It’s in the manufacturing. A rotomolded cooler is created using a process known as rotational molding. A poly-based powdered material is put into a mold that is heated to melt the plastic resin down. It then gets rotated in the mold as it melts to fill every void and continues being rotated until the plastic has cooled.

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This process creates a thick wall of plastic consistently around without any imperfections inside or out. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure precise one-piece molding and often used in large objects such as kayaks as well as coolers. They have been used by professionals under harsh conditions and commercially, but have gained popularity for regular civilian use. Coolers get put through a lot from parties to outdoor adventures like hunting and boating. They’re often dropped, sat on, left in the sun, and more. A rotomolded cooler is designed to withstand such abuse for long-lasting quality.

Rotomolded coolers aren’t just durable; they’re capable of retaining ice longer than standard coolers. In most rotationally molded plastic the material is UV resistant. Exposure to direct sunlight will not have much impact on the internal temperature. The UV-resistant plastic also prevents wear-down over time from exposure so it doesn’t become brittle or warped. They’re also specifically designed to withstand the force of large or curious animals featuring heavy-duty latches. In fact, most brands are made with such great durability they are certified as bear-proof.

In addition to their rugged durability, rotomolded coolers feature silicon rubber seals. This helps to keep the cold air in while also providing leak-proof protection. If they get knocked over they will not leak moisture inside your vehicle. They’re also sweat-resistant so you don’t get moisture along the exterior. Most of these high end coolers also feature rubber feet to prevent sliding around in the bed of a truck or in a boat.

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