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How to Build a customized rotomolded cooler?

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Author : Fred
Update time : 2023-09-10 09:40:30
Most cusomers want to creat a customzied or personalized cooler,which will be different from other competitors. Even more,a rotomolded cooler box mold cost not as high as injection molded cooler box. Boright company have one professional rotomolded coolers design department that hepls with creationg Digital files necessary to creat the molds.

1.Innder size of your hard cooler If you want to build 3D artwork of your ice chest rotomolded cooler,we need to know what size of the cooler. It’s like to build a house,it needs to rebuld if the size not correct. There are many shapes rotomolded ice coolers, such as YETI COOLER, RITC COOLER with cuboid shape,there are Square hard coolers ,Round ice chest coolers and so on.

2.Latches of your ice cooler box Lach is one important part of a rotomolding ice cooler box,there are silicon rubber T-Latches, Quick Cam latches,Stainless steel latches and so on. Most popular ones are T-laches and Quick Cam latches. Please clike to view more.

3.Wheels or Special Part of your ice chest cooler Romolded coolers with wheels getting popular now,the wheels coolers also be called rolling cooler,cooler box with wheels and so on. You need to let us know the size of wheels at least, and then you can choose different style wheels from wheels suppliers. Some cooler box with pull rod(Arm Handle),some with Telescoping Handle.
Below is an example of wheels:

About 3D designs of the rotomolded cooler box

It will be better if you have a designer can work for you on new cooler box's 3D drawing.
If you don't have a professional designer, you can let us know as follows:

1.Send us some ice box reference pictures

2.Make a hand drawing also ok.

But as a new start company want to customize your cooler, we suggest to use our model first, and you only change the lid is ok. 
It can save your budget. Please click here to learn more.

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