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The different latches of the rotomolded cooler

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Author : Fred Yan
Update time : 2023-07-20 09:34:00
If you want to build a customized rotomolded cooler,you should know which kind of latch you want to use first. Many USA brands(such as YETI coolers, Igloo cooler,RTIC coolers and so on) regisger their latches' patents to protect their designs. So Latch designs if the first step for your coolers customized design.
These latches are built to withstand the pounding out on the trail or on the rough sea and they’ll also last for years on your rotomolded coolers. Same goes for the latch keepers, which are molded directly into the cooler’s body.
T-Grip Latches
Heavy-duty rubberized Silicon latch design enables snug closure
Withstands harsh marine conditions and weather
Extra-large curved finger grips for easy latching and unlatching

And It can easy to be changed, please clik to view the vido.
There are many kinds of rubbe silicon latches for your reference:
Cam Style cooler Latches
It's also called quick-flip flush-mount latches, which have finger-grab openings to provide quick and easy access to your drinks and snacks.
Butterfly Metal latches
Black Butterflay latch and keeper,

Stainless Steel Latches
Durable marine grade stainless steel

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